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     Hi, my name is Ramona Marquez-Ramraj, I am an autodidact expressionist visual artist.  I work with acrylic paints and other media on canvas and wood board.  I am from South America, Venezuela, but I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband.
    A visit to the local grocery, in my native country as a child and while holding my mother's hand, I took a small box of bright, colorful crayons from the shelf and its glorify wax smell was the beginning of my magical and sparkling world.  Even though my magical world started at an early age, as many other women, I did not come to the surface until my children were ground up and I had more time to fully dedicate time to create paintings featuring bright, energetic colors.
    Visit my gallery and see the variety of art work that could give your home or office a positive and vibrant energy.

Commission Available with a deposit and if you do not like it, I keep it and your deposit will be refunded it, no question ask. I only take a few commissions each season grab your spot right now!

Payment plan option. Make a deposit to claim your favorite painting.  Pay flexible payment according to your budget and the painting will be sent to you when all payment are received. Easy! 
Email me at   and I will arrange a plan for you.

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I 'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.   Let's connect.

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