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Feeling of the Wild Collection

I was inspired in this series by the fear of extinction, these beautiful animals are facing in their own environment. 

Lion's Domain 06-2022.jpg

Lion's Domain
The satisfaction to be around a splash of vibrant and at the same time misty colors, fill your home with tranquility and positive energy to face the day. 
Acrilyc on loose canvas. 19" x 11"

Lion's Domain on display.jpg
Cheetah Under the Star.jpg

       Waiting to Act
The cheetah a two paths in the way of success; one carefully plan, the other is to act fast. 
Acrylic on loose canvas. 23" x 16"

Feeling of the Wild - Cheeta  onn display.png
Lion Under the Storm

Under the Storm
The Lion a symbol of courage and strength will be a positive energy in your home . Acrylic on loose canvas. 26" x 19"


Lion Under the Storm
Feeling of the Wild -Tiger Hunting Final.jpg

Hunting Under Water
This strong cat a symbol of positive energy and virility a source of much inspiration for achieving your goals in life.Acrylic on loose canvas 24" x 36"

Feeling of Africa  - Elephant
Sunrise on my skin - Zebra


Looking at the black and white stripes of the Zebras fills me with calmness on a world of turbulence.  Acrylic on canvas. 12" x 15.75" x 1.5"

Running Free

A beautiful animal that has deep spiritual significance, a symbol of power, wisdom,  luck and stability. A powerful piece for your home or office. Acrylic on canvas, 36” x 24”

Feeling of Africa - Elephant

Zebra Reflection
A symbol of kindness, strength and elegance a piece that will bright up that special room in your home or office.
Acrylic on loose canvas. 31" x 23"

Sunrise on my skin - Zebra
Zebra companionship - Friendship.jpg


Life is beautiful when you have someone to share it! "Zebras Companionship." Acrylic on canvas. 15.5" x 11.5"

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